Astral Ascent

Created by Hibernian Workshop

Astral Ascent, a 2D platformer rogue-lite on PC and consoles with four worlds to escape, if you can beat the Zodiacs, 12 mighty bosses!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Now available in Early Access! 🔥
8 months ago – Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 01:22:45 AM

 Astral Ascent is now available on Steam Early Access! 

Let your friends and favorite content creators know about the game and don't hesitate to review the game on Steam! As we are self-publishing, we are even more counting on you!

The whole team has worked hard to deliver the best possible 2D Rogue-lite we could create, here is what you can expect - 

  • 2 out of the 5 playable characters
  • 5 out of the 12 Zodiacs bosses
  • 2 out of the 4 Worlds to explore
  • 2 minibosses
  • Fully Voiced dialogs
  • New Game Plus feature
  • Local co-op

And this is not the end, we will provide updates through the Early Access with new worlds, new Zodiacs, new playable characters and more! We will also try to provide assistance on bugs and polishing.

Also, we have decided to only focus on Windows during Early Access but you can expect the game to be on Mac and Linux at the final release.


All Early Access keys have been sent by email to backers who either selected the Early Access pledge level or added a Steam Key as add-on to their pledges.

Important note - Please check your Spams if you didn't receive your key yet, we still have more than 500 of you who received the email but did not open it, the email is named Astral Ascent - Early Access Steam Key - Kickstarter Reward. 


It was such a great surprise to see a boardgame about Zodiacs on Kickstarter. The Bad Karmas is, like us, taking the Zodiacs as main antagonists and  we love how they made them giant and dangerous beings you have to fight against. 

The concept also seems amazing because the Zodiacs have AI and you really must face giant powerful creatures which come with splendid figures.

Don't hesitate to check their campaign that ends in 2 days!

Hard working team

As always, have a wonderful day and great fun on the game!

-The Hibernian Workshop Team

Early Access - Steam Keys reward
8 months ago – Mon, Apr 04, 2022 at 01:43:42 AM

To backers who took the Early Access version -

Astral Ascent will be released on April 12th and you should all have received your Steam Keys (keys were sent to the email address used during the Kickstarter campaign).

If you do not see it the email please check your Spams.


Why is the game not launching after I redeemed the game?
This key will only give you access to the game once the game is released in Early Access (April 12).

Will I receive a different key for the final release?

No, this key also unlocks the final version of the game.

How do I activate the Steam key?

Here is the official Steam guide on how to activate a key


If you still do not find your key please contact us, preferencially by email at or send direct message to Louis on our Discord server with the email address you used.

Have an excellent week!

-The Hibernian Workshop Team

Early Access - Release date Announcement!
8 months ago – Fri, Apr 01, 2022 at 06:01:54 AM

Announcement video

Astral Ascent is coming to Steam Early Access on April 12!

The whole team would like to thank you for the great support you have given us since the Kickstarter campaign started, we are now days away from releasing our first self-published game and it means a lot to us so thank you again for making this possible. 🌟

Fully voiced

We are so happy to tell you that we will have every dialogs voiced (English) for the  Early Access release. We have worked with insanely talented voice actors, they gave life to each character and we absolutely love the result.

New Game Plus

We have been hard working on the NG+ elements for some time and we were not really happy with what we had because we used to have small changes for each level. We changed that to focus on 12 levels of NG+ and each level makes a real change by making the game more fun & challenging. 

You will find elements such as :

  • Dead enemies can revive as zombies
  • Bosses now have elite modificators
  • Elites are much more frequent and dangerous
  • and much more...

It can quickly become very hard to deal with and we cannot wait to see how far you will be able to go with this system! This system will evolve with time as we do not have all the Zodiacs in the game yet.

Your Steam Key

Those of you who pre-ordered the Early Access version of the game will start receiving keys in the coming days, we will send about 400 keys a days so do not until a few days if you do not receive the email and you will only be able to play on release day (but you can play the Playtest version now).

Have a wonderful day and see you for the release date!

-The Hibernian Workshop Team

New NPCs, New spell system, new dialog system... All available to play right now! ♉
9 months ago – Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 09:58:39 PM

First of all, we want to left you know that we are getting closer and closer to the Early Access release date, it's no longer a matter of years or months but it's a matter of weeks! Yes, we are that close and we will keep you updated about it.

New Playtest version!  

This month update makes no exception, we have made many new changes into the game and the good news is that you can play right now with the Playtest version (dedicated patch-note here) ! Do not hesitate to share your feedback about the game either here or on our Discord Server, this is truly helping us making the best possible game as we are currently looking for bugs, balancing and polish in order to be ready for the Early Access release.

Extra NPCs Animations

You might remember our last Stretch Goal from the Kickstarter campaign, we were so close to get it that we decided that we would work on it anyway in order to thank you for the great success of this campaign.

We have already added a lot of new animations for the Garden folks, Papa Yalee even has new visuals.

Papa Yalee likes his new cat basket
Little Yalees studying potions
The peddler is working on some poetry

These new animations make the Garden even more lively!

Spell level up! 🔮 

We added a new progression system: the spell level system!

Spells will now have a level going from 0 to 10. Each level will give the spell a bonus % damage, giving you the opportunity to make your favorite spells even stronger and also to make it interesting to change your builds more regularly as the loot rarity increases with your run worlds progression. 

We had this idea to solve the lack of incentives to change spells once you had 4 different spells, it makes things much more dynamic and interesting in the long run. 

Leveling up a spell.

This system introduces a new kind of loot: the peacock feather! This is used to gain spell levels and make them more powerful, it is a new room reward with gambits/spells and crystals.

 They come in several rarities giving from +1 or +2 levels to a whooping +5 for the legendary gold feather!

2 New Constellations NPCs and rooms: Cetus 🐋 and Pavo 🦚 

In our research of more runs variety and adding more unique Constellations NPCs (as we did with Andromeda before) we worked on 2 Constellations NPCs that come with two new rooms with unique mechanics:

  •  1 - the Cetus room: A mysterious cave containing lots of treasures and baubles and waiting inside is not a fierce dragon but a giant whale, Cetus! This friendly creature will give you a choice between several categories of gambits and will give you 2 (or sometime 3) gambits of the specified kind. Don't forget to thank the creature on your way out!
Cetus in the cave.
  •  2 -  the Pavo room: A gorgeous sky structure that seems to be located in an entirely different world. Here, Pavo the peacock will granting you a feather to gain power from (increase spell level). If you feel greedy, you can also ask Pavo for more feather but everytime, you will need to sacrifice healthpoints to do so.
Pavo in his ruins.

We hope you'll have fun discovering them in your next escape attempts!

Context dialog system! 🗨️ 

We worked on a new system merging narration and gameplay and come up with what we call the context dialog system!

This system is simple, in certain contexts when you go through the game, characters will start talking giving you sometimes advices on what's happening or simply greeting you! 

The heroes also react dynamically in a lot of situations making the global experience more dynamic.

context dialogs

For now the voices are made with an AI but we are actively working on making quality voice-overs with great actors for the game.

Overall bosses rework! 💪 

We spent time to rework every bosses in the game, we have made the decision to make them faster and thus harder but we reworked visual feedbacks a lot to make them more readable and also changed some of their attacks. Also, even if they are harder now, you will always have an healing room option before bosses so you do not start a boss fight with no chances or no possibility to better understand the patterns. Zodiacs want fair fights and so do we but prepare for intense fights against those mighty warriors!

Be ready!

We really hope you will appreciate all this new content we added, do not hesitate to send us feedback about it. Also, unlisted youtube videos with commented gameplay are extremely appreciated to help us understand better your reactions to the different situations. (the team speaks english, french & portuguese)

Don't forget our Backerkit shop and our Discord Server to speak with the community and give us feedbacks on the game!

Hard working team

Have a wonderful day,

-The Hibernian Workshop Team

Happy new year! New Playtest version is here! 🐲
11 months ago – Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 01:22:50 AM

Welcome to 2022 🎉 

We hope you spent a good time during the holidays! On our side, the studio members took a well deserved holiday break and had a great time. We feel reinvigorated and we are very motivated for this upcoming exciting year to work on Astral Ascent!

New playtest version is here! 🔥

How to better start the year than with a brand new Playtest version? We have been delaying this new version as we wanted to do a major update with polished content before collecting your thoughts about it, this new version includes:

  •  the Red barrens (second world of the game) with new enemies / challenges
  •  5 new bosses to face (Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius, Lupus & Pegasus)
  •  3 new room types to discover
  •  2 new hub NPCs to meet with new progression systems
  • 10+ new Auras
  •  13 new spells to use
  • and plenty more...

You can check the dedicated patch-note here, it is probably not complete as the update was so massive but we tried to be exhaustive.

Virgo, Sagittarius and Leo

How to participate? 

You need to have the Playtest app unlocked on your Steam account, if you already have it the new version will update automatically, if you do not have it already:

  • Join our Discord Server and follow our Kickstarter Assistant instructions in the #kickstarter-rewards channel to get your backer Discord role.
  •  React in the #playtests-register channel to get the Playtester role. 
  • Welcome to the #playtests channel where you can ask for a key.
  • Use the key in Steam.

Can I keep my saves from previous Playtest?

Your last playtest saves will be saved if they were from 0.21.10 or more, if you lost your saves you can now  press LB and RB while launching the game to skip the intro tutorial.

Can I help you or share my thoughts? 

We have created a new survey here to collect your thoughts about this new version. We have improved the game a lot thanks to your previous feedbacks so thank you if you take the time to answer it this time again. You can also create suggestions tickets in the #suggestions channel of the Discord Server.

Unlisted commented Youtube videos (without comments is fine too) are extremely appreciated so we can better see how you react to the game elements.

New level elements - the Red barrens is complete!

The second world of the game is now content complete, we have recently added new traps that will appear on the explorations room to make those rooms more dangerous and lively. We did not want to add traps at the beginning of the development but we love how it turned out.

You'll see that they also are tools to deal damages to your enemies.

Fire geysers
Fire Statue

We have also added new traps in the Fragmented Plains (first world), these elements only appear in the Exploration rooms to make them feel more unique and more rhythmed.

Carnivorous Plant

New unique auras - new gimmick effects

For some time, we felt that Auras lacked funny and gameplay-changing elements, we decided to work on this giving unique gimmicks to work with and create combo with other effects! There is plenty of new Auras to discover and new interesting combos between the Auras or between Auras and Gambits, we hope you'll like them as much as we do!

Aura combo explosive dash + fire projectiles

Achievements and Auras NPCs 🐲

We have also added new content to the main hub: Two new NPCs have joined the cast!

The first one is a familiar face, Sieur Bapy from the Kickstarter stretch goals has finally arrived at the hub and will now keep track of your achievements and even giving you extra rewards to help you during your journey.

Sieur Bapy Achievement menu

The second one is a mysterious and ancient being that everyone named Dragon for obvious reasons. You will now be able to get  access to new auras to unlock during your next adventures!

Aura NPC

World balancing changes and Salvage mechanic

One of the main changes we have made since the previous version is changing the structure of the runs:

  •  Fight rooms will now exclusively give keys - merchants became much more important
  •  Higher tier loots are rarer than before - collecting gambits became more interesting
  •  Exploration rooms have been shortened - experience is more dynamic all around

Those changes implied a lot of changes on progression during runs and, if you try the new version, you will see that it's quite different from what we had before, all of your feedbacks regarding thoses changes are welcomed!

Among the progression changes, we decided to add a salvage mechanic to the game, giving you the possibility to salvage unwanted spells/gambits and tranform them into quartz to use in the next shop, you can also salvage Auras into difficulty stars.

It is now always exciting to find these rewards because if they are not fitting your current build you will still get currency to invest in something you need for your build at next merchant.

We really hope you will appreciate all this new content as much as we do. 

Don't forget our Backerkit shop and our Discord Server to speak with the community and give us feedbacks on the game!

Hard working team

Have a wonderful day,

-The Hibernian Workshop Team