Astral Ascent

Created by Hibernian Workshop

Astral Ascent, a 2D platformer rogue-lite on PC and consoles with four worlds to escape, if you can beat the Zodiacs, 12 mighty bosses!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Enemies Reveal and Leo boss fight 🔥
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 09:23:43 PM

Time for a new update, we will trying to keep the pace of a new update every month to keep sharing with you what is happening on our side for Astral Ascent.

Enemies update

This is it, all Red Barrens (world 2) enemies are implemented and they are amazing! We learned so much since the Fragmented Plains (world 1) and made enemies with better patterns and better feelings as you can see below:

Be careful of his fire spear, it does not only hit once.
Complete rework of the Wrath Spirit

It took us time and dedication to reach the level of quality we wanted to have and we think it was really worth it when we see the results and how fun and clear these enemies fights are.

It is obviously a great news but it made us go back to first world to improve the existing enemies. We mostly did visual improvements but not only as we even reworked a complete enemy as you can see below: 

We improved a lot the visual elements on the projectile and the enemy for the Log-bear.
Wooden Guardian now spawns several Black Seeds at once but has a limit of simultaneously controlled minions. Also, his laser timing remains the same but the visual feedback appears a bit before and follows you for better comprehension.
We reworked 2 of the 3 attacks of the Sylvanian Protector as we felt his attacks were as good as they should be. He is a bit more dangerous than he was and he is better feedbacked.

As we said in previous update, we are currently aiming to produce a lot of content very fast before polishing everything at once before the Early Access release so it means new worlds, new enemies, new bosses and new features. For example, we have already all our enemies concepts for World 3, you can see 2 examples below:

These new enemies are very nice and we have great mechanics ideas for them, we cannot wait to show more as we are going to code them in the coming weeks!

World 3 is also our most beautiful world to date and we are going to work back on first world to improve it so it can be as beautiful as we initially wanted.

This water world makes us experimenting new things such as dynamic water and water reflection for background elements.

Water reflection concept
Dynamic water concept

Leo - The Unbreakable 🔥

Apart from his giant axe, the most disturbing thing when fighting Leo is how much he is enjoying it.

Leo attack animation
Same attack implemented

But take care, if he starts taking the fight seriously well... there won't be much you can do to survive.

Leo ultimate animation

As we still very much ahead of our planning, we are making exciting new features and improvements all around the game. We have so much more to show for next updates.

Hard working team

Don't forget about our Backerkit shop and our Discord Server to discuss about the game development,

Have an excellent day,

- The Hibernian Workshop Team

Self publishing + Core improvements + Creating The Red Barrens (🔥 world)
over 1 year ago – Wed, May 26, 2021 at 06:12:48 AM

First of all we have a big announcement to make: we have been in contact with a lot of publishers for Astral Ascent because of the obvious potential of the game. Some of them were major indie publishers with very nice offers and we took time to think about these offers. With time and reflexion we declined all the offers as it became clear to us that we wanted Astral Ascent to be our first self-published game. At this point the project has been funded by French public help, our previous game revenues and of course your incredible support so this is a great opportunity to release the game by ourselves!

It will make development a bit more complicated as publishers provide things such as porting, localization, marketing and financial support but we are very confident about our capacity to overcome these challenges! From sharing the word to making suggestions or reporting bugs, your support has already been precious and will be even more precious in the months to come so thanks again!

This support already gave us extra energy and we have made great progress since the end of the campaign as you can see below:

Global improvements

The playable demo was a great time to see you play (Youtube/Twitch) and collect your suggestions on our Discord Server. It was a fire trial for most of our design ideas and an opportunity to see how solid they were. What we saw was very promising and hopefully we still have room for improvements so here is a list of things we have already added: 

  •  Jump attack: Similar to Dead Cells one (jump + down input), this was highly requested to increase global movement, we made sure that it has a recovery time and moderate damages as it is more a movement action than a direct attack.
  •  Dash momentum: When you finish a dash your movement speed was resetted to 0, your speed is now set to maximum after a dash if you are pressing a directional input.
  •  Skip to next spell button: By far the most requested by community feature. Our Spell system allows you to have 4 different spells at the same time but sometimes you may end up forced to use a spell you don't really want to use or that will be very unefficient in the current situation in order to get the next spell. We thought about having a skip to next spell button for a long time but we thought it would lead to have players optimizing one of their spells (and use skip spell button to only use this spell) and letting down the others which would break the spell-building system we are aiming for. Hopefully we found what we believe is an elegant and great design solution to this problem! You now have the skip to next spell button and you can use it as much as you want without cooldown or restrictions BUT you need to use the 4 spells once to make them available again, this way we make sure you still need to use all your spells but you decide the orders depending of the situation, for example skip your single target spell when you are fighting 5 enemies at once (of course this is optional and you can totally play the game without it).
  •  Spell swap in inventory: We wanted to add this since the beginning but you can now swap your spells from inventory very easily if you ever want to change your spells basic order (You used to need a spell on the ground to do so).
  •  Spell not consumed if cancelled: During the demo your spell was consumed (rotate to next spell + mana used) if you were hit by enemies, dashed or jumped before the spell actually launched: it felt unfair and frustrating. We made changes and spells are not consumed until they are launched now and it feels much better: you can cancel your spell before it's launched and not loose anything.
  •  Spell Rarity System: Looting spells feels good but our community thought it would add spices if spells have different levels of rarity and we could not agree more! We spent time to rework our spell loots and now instead of having a fixed list of gambits and locked/unlocked slot on spells we have a list of potential gambits and each gambit now has a value depending of its power, then each spell has randomness on the locked/unlocked slots. Mixing the total value of gambits and slots give us a rarity score to attribute to the spell. We created 4 rarities: common/rare/epic/legendary and it adds a new flavor to each of your drops!
  •  Magnet attacks: By watching you play the game, we noticed it was sometimes hard to hit enemies (in particular the flying ones). We play the game everyday and did not realize that until now. We have added a "magnet" to closest enemies when auto-attacking. This way it becomes impossible to miss if you were very close to be in range of your auto-attack. This feature is only working if you are pressing directional input toward the enemy and if you are already pretty close to it. It is a bit complicated to explain with words but it feels very good and do not worry, it does not make the game too easy it simply makes you focus on more important things than trying to know if your basic attack is pixel-perfect.
  •  Astral Keys: Finally, this is something we did not have time to implement in our demo but a very important feature. It is the only feature not done yet but we are currently actively working on it. It will be a new currency that will balance fight and explorations room by connecting them together. This new currency will also add choice and strategy during your runs. But don't worry we will also improve the existing Crystals currency which is not exploited enough in the current version of the game. As we are still working on the Key system we will wait before explaining everything about it but it will be an important and nice change to the dynamic of your runs progression.
Jump Attack
Skip to next spell Button
Spell rarity system (common/rare/epic)
Magnet Attacks
Astral Keys - Work-in-progress feature

From our point of view, game is feeling and playing so much better with all these recent changes. We took opportunity to have fresh feedback to make the changes and we could not be more happy about it. We will try to add these changes when demo is available again (we do not know when yet).

The Red Barrens  (🔥 world)

You could see a quick preview of The Red Barrens in our game demo but this was simply a placeholder scene with temporary assets. Creating our 2D worlds require a lot of efforts and various elements:

  •  Tilemap: A tilemap is the asset pack of all blocks to create a level, it has to handle a lot of different cases of transitions between ground and walls types. It must include seamless variations and in addition to the technical complexity to create it must also take in consideration the lisibility with characters and enemies.
  •  Assets: We can create the architecture of levels with tilemap but levels would be empty so we need to add different elements on the ground (in addition to nature).
  •  Backgroud: Finally we need to have backgrounds with variations so it does not feel too repetitive.
The Red Barrens - tilemap
The Red Barrens - lisibility test for enemies
The Red Barrens - Asset list
The Red Barrens - Background example

Once you have all these elements together it creates lively world to explore:

The Red Barrens - Preview

We have also created and integrated 6 (nearly 7) of our 8 new enemies for world 2 and they are so cool to fight! We want to show you 2 of our favorites so far:

This enemy throws red and blue fire balls with different patterns
Work in progress - this enemy will move toward you while making its fire spear rotate around

We want to keep some surprises for later but the world 2 is already a bigger challenge than world 1 for sure! Enemies are more agressive and deal more damages, you will need to improve your builds and character stats during your run to defeat the challenges ahead!

Planning update & Early Access poll

Right now we are developping the game at a really good pace (it will obviously be slower when we will enter the debugging/polish phase) and, to be transparent with you, we want to start world 3 and 4 as soon as possible. The goal is to have a very basic complete game with the 4 worlds in order to balance things with the complete game in mind and not having to re-balance everything at each new world addition.

Building structure of world 3 and 4 now does not change our announced plan of releasing game in Early Access on Steam early 2022 with complete world 1 and 2 available but we would like to have your opinions on what we features you look the most forward for the Early Access release.

If you have some minutes to spare (2-3mins) we made a poll to collect your opinion about the features you want the most in the Early Access:

Be sure that this does not change the final game content knowing better your expectations will also us to focus more on what you want to have specifically for Early Access release.

Hard working team

Don't forget about our Backerkit shop and our Discord Server,

Have an excellent day,

- The Hibernian Workshop Team

Phase 1 Rewards & Post-campaign store live on Backerkit ☄️
over 1 year ago – Thu, May 06, 2021 at 02:50:38 AM

Click to visit the shop now!

We received many messages of people who wanted to support the project but who learned about the Kickstarter Campaign after it ended. It is now possible thanks to Backerkit post-campaign store so if you have friends who would be interested in joining our amazing journey, let them know!

For those of you we had payment issues: Backerkit supports Paypal and all major credit cards. Let us know if you have any questions about it. Available elements in the Backerkit shop:

Why Ayla Figure is not there: For now the Ayla Figure is not available there as it was exclusive to the Kickstarter, depending of the manufacturer we may need to produce a bit more than the numbers ordered during the Kickstarter so maybe in the future we may have extra slots for Ayla figure but we will let you know if that happens.

Important note for Kickstarter Backers

If you already backed through Kickstarter and have no payment issue you do not want to use Backerkit service for now. You will be able to get more add-ons later, when you receive Backerkit surveys (before final release). We know this is not very intuitive, let us know if you have any questions about it we will do our best to answer.

Phase 1 Rewards

Based on our Rewards roadmap, our team has worked hard to deliver the first digital rewards:

  •  Exclusive Discord roles: Astral Backer | Celestial Backer | Zodiac Backer
  •  HD Wallpapers (computer and phone)
  • Dark Devotion Digital keys

To get above rewards: We created a Bot that will handle the digital deliveries, it is a kind and helpful bot created with care within the Workshop, follow these steps:

  • Join our Discord Server 
  • Type !claimReward in #kickstarter-rewards channel
  • Our Kickstarter Assistant will DM you with further instructions 
Some of our HD Wallpapers

Why use Discord? We already have a large part of our followers there and having a digital bot makes it very easy for you to retrieve your rewards anytime by yourself. Using an additional third party service felt off to us, you are of course free to leave the discord once you have your rewards if you want to however it is a positive and respectful place to talk about the game if you want to.

What about credit names? For now we think that we will collect your Credits Name later, probably in the Backerkit Survey. We will let you know about it.

Projects we love: The Iron Oath 

Our Kickstarter campaign is over but great indie titles are everywhere around so we thought we could keep sharing some of our favorite under development projects. One of our first thought was The Iron Oath, the game comes with one of the cleanest pixel-art out there and gameplay looks awesome. You really have to take some time to fully appreciate colossal efforts to create such a detailed and large scoped game for such a small team, I think trailer below speaks for itself: 

Have an excellent day, 

- The Hibernian Workshop Team

Campaign big finale ⭐ What comes next?
over 1 year ago – Sun, May 02, 2021 at 10:51:25 PM

What an amazing success! You confirmed the great potential we saw in the game while working daily on it and this confirmation motivates us even more! ⭐

What you can expect:

  • 4 Unique Playable Characters with their own play-styles and signature spells
  • 4 Worlds to explore with their own enemies, challenges
  • 12 Unforgettable Zodiacs to fight and summon by your side
  • Over 100 Unique Spells to use in the game

Coming thanks to the stretch goals you unlocked:

  • New NPC in hub for Extra Challenges and rewards
  • The 12 Signature Spells of the Zodiacs usable by all characters
  • Emi Evans collaboration for final boss fight music
  • 5th playable character coming as free DLC for all of you
  • A new room type, new enemies and special rewards to fight in the stars

We are fully commited to build the 2D rogue-lite you are all waiting for, you can count on us! 🔥

 To thank you: 

First of all we are extending the Kickstarter Demo availability to monday morning (European time) to let those of you who did not have the opportunity to play it before and wanted to try it during the week end! After that we will make it available only during Steam Festivals.

As you know we reached EUR 148.952 and it was very close to the EUR 150.000 needed to unlock the Extra NPCs Animations stretch goal.

As it was very close (an extra hour would probably been enough to reach it), we decided to do it anyway!

Prepare for new smooth animations for NPCs!

What comes next? 

Our priority is delivering the rewards in a smooth and efficient way. We want you to always be able to always have access to your digital rewards (in case you lost them for example). We found the best way to do that, we are creating a Discord bot on our server that will deliver your rewards directly anytime you claim them

As we see things there will be 5 different phases:

PHASE 1: Post-campaign digital rewards (second half of next week)

  • Receive your unique discord roles depending of your backing tier
  • Receive your exclusive HD Wallpaper (computer & phone)  
  • Select your Credits Name 
  •  Dark Devotion Steam Copy add-on - Receive your Steam keys

PHASE 2: Early Access Release (First half of 2022)

  •  Early Access on Steam - Receive your keys (Astral Aspirant tier & Steam copy add-on)

The Early Access Key also unlocks the final game on game: it is the same key.

PHASE 3: Pre-Launch

Once we are ready for final release, you will receive a survey from our partner Backerkit to select your console platforms for digital and physical and collect shipping costs (at the best possible price).

PHASE 4: Launch date (Sometimes in 2023)

  •  Physical editions - Receive your editions (Celestial and Zodiac Tiers shipped by our partner Limited Run Games)
  •  Digital game on console - Receive your keys (Astral Aspirant (console) tier & Steam copy add-on)
  •  Digital OST - Receive Bandcamp keys (By music composer Dale North)
  • Receive your digital Artbook  

PHASE 5: Post-Launch

  •  5th playable character DLC - Receive your key to unlock
Getting back to development!

During whole development we will share with you updates about the game. Next Milestone is Early Access early 2022 and we feel very confident about it and seeing you play the demo gave us so many ideas on how to improve the game before the Early Access release.

As for all Kickstarter, some of you are having issues with payment, if it happens to you we recommend you  to check this dedicated Kickstarter page.

If you have questions about the campaign or if you simply want to spend time with lovely people, don't hesitate to join our kind community on our dedicated Discord Server:

Also, if you want, you can wishlist the game on Steam in order to help us getting a bit of visibility on the store.

One more time, thank you: we will make sure to meet expectations 🔥

The Hibernian Workshop Team

Star Guardians Enemies Funded + Announcing Last Stretch Goal ⭐
over 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 03:13:54 AM

EUR 140 000 reached! 

We are reaching the stars with this new Stretch Goal! The Star Guardians Enemies are confirmed!

You can expect stellar fights among the stars with these elite humanoid fighers. Nothing final yet but we imagine unique gambits containing the power of the stars themselves as rewards, these new rooms will give extra spice to your runs and we are very glad to have it unlocked as we are genuinely hyped ourselves about it!

Announcing our Last Stretch Goal ⭐

Hopefully we had so many ideas for Stretch Goals so we are announcing our eighth and last stretch goal which we really love: Extra Animations for NPCs

If unlocked, it means new unique animations for the NPCs in the hub to make this place (The Garden) feel even more alive. It takes so much time and efforts to do these frame-by-frame animations and reach the very high level of quality & fluidity that we seek (examples below). 

Sova base animation
Zim-Zim base animation

These new animations would be an addition to the base animations already existing. Stretch goal will be unlocked if we reach EUR 150,000 (about $181,600) before the end and it would be 500% of our funding goal reached: it would be absolutely amazing!

Check your ADD-ONS 👇

Only a few hours remain, don't hesitate to check your add-ons, description below:


(Unlocked if you backed a digital or physical tier)

  • 20€ - Steam Copy (includes Early Access for first half of 2022)
  • 22€ - Console Copy (Switch - PS4 - PS5)
  • 10€ - Dark Devotion Steam Copy (our previous game, key sent quickly after the campaign ends)
  • 10€ - Astral Ascent OST (by Music Composer Dale North, made for tiers not including OST)
  • 250€ - Backer Statue (Be forever represented and named in the game as a Statue in merchant room)


(Unlocked if you backed a physical tier)

  • 34€ - Physical edition (Limited Run Edition for PC - PS4 - Switch)
  • 20€ - 4 Enamels Pin's (hard enamel, high quality)
  • 12€ - Set of 12 collectibles Zodiac Cards 
  • 90€ - Kickstarter Exclusive Ayla Figure (Made by talented Sculptor Graphigaut)

Thanks again for all your support and have an excellent day,

The Hibernian Workshop Team