Astral Ascent

Created by Hibernian Workshop

Astral Ascent, a 2D platformer rogue-lite on PC and consoles with four worlds to escape, if you can beat the Zodiacs, 12 mighty bosses!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Calie Gameplay, Linux port & Level Design showcase ☄️
over 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 10:11:51 PM

Discover how we do our levels ☄️

Welcome to our game engine! We wanted to show you how quickly we can create our game levels.

We have already created so much elements including:

  • Automated tilemap working for flying platforms and ground
  • Auto detection wall types to generate a change in tilemap
  • Randomly selected backgrounds for each worlds
  • Tilemap change depending of current world

This system will allow us to create many levels of high quality! This is only one of our many tools to create the levels, let us know if you want us to show you more of these systems!

Announcing the game for Linux

As the game is having a great success on Kickstarter you have been many asking us about porting to Linux. We like taking your feedback into consideration so we talked with our porting partner MP2 Games and we are happy to announce that the game will come to Linux too!

Calie Gameplay Showcase

(work in progress gameplay)

Today we wanted to show you a complete fight of Calie, the mysterious gems sculptor. 

For Calie, everything is about her three gems:

  •  Red for Damage 
  •  Yellow for Movement 
  •  Green for Defense 

Most of her skills will make her use already placed gems or move her gems. It means that her spells require anticipation and preparation to be perfectly executed.

LAST DANCE - Calie teleports on her Yellow Gem and casts energy projectiles in a circular fashion.

This is not a game but...!

We usually share campaigns of indie games we like but this time we discovered Piepacker, an amazing multiplayer retrogaming platform that just launched on Kickstarter! We have discovered their work and love it. It would be a bit complicated to explain with words what they are about so please check the video to understand why we shared it:

We have an amazing stretch goal waiting to be revealed after the Voice Over one!

- The Hibernian Workshop Team

Capricorn update ♑ - Fight a new boss!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 08:44:48 PM

Free Demo update ⭐

There are only 8 days left ⏳ to play Astral Ascent free demo and we have just updated it including:

  • New boss fight (Capricorn)
  • Gameplay improvements 
  • Various bug fixes
  • Small balancing and improvements
Read the full changelog of version 0.16.2

Capricorn joins the fight ♑

Capricorn heard about Taurus letting some intruders reach the Red Barrens,  Taurus carelessness cannot be tolerated. Therefore, Capricorn joins the fight. Be careful, the power contained in his books is terrifying even for most daring Zodiacs.

Fight Capricorn now in our free demo update!

Use the freeze gambit!

Always take your time to equip the right Gambits on the right spells, for example freeze gambit is particularly efficient on Magic Tornado as it makes enemies take every hit of the tornado while they cannot move!

Join the community 

If you want to make suggestions, report bugs, talk about builds, lore or the game in general, our discord server is the place to go. We hope to see you there! 

We worked hard to offer you this new update!

- The Hibernian Workshop Team

Zodiac reveal: Gemini ♊, Octave Gameplay & New boss Showcase ⚡
over 1 year ago – Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 12:02:18 AM

Zodiac reveal: Gemini ♊

First boss reveal from the fourth world (wind world), Gemini use a scythe and their fighting skills are impressive. Wind, thunder and powerful beings, that is what is waiting for you if you reach the highest place. 

Even if you survive, the most powerful and relentless Zodiacs will make sure you do not go any further.

"It is very difficult to not crush the ants when they try to escape..."

You can vote for the next reveal with our ongoing Discord survey.

Octave Gameplay Showcase

Today we wanted to show you a complete fight of Octave, one of the 2 locked characters in the demo:

With his ethereal guns, Octave can attack from long range and his Signature Spells are more oriented toward summoning and controlling enemies. This is work-in-progress content but you can see the direction it is taking!

Capricorn ♑ boss fight showcase

With Capricorn ♑ we wanted to show you that we will not only have strong melee fighters bosses like Taurus but also magic bosses with strong and innovative concepts. 

For Capricorn everything is about his 4 books containing Astral knowledge. He does not talk much but his power frighten even the strongest Zodiacs.

Capricorn will soon join the fight in our upcoming free demo update!

Highlighting other campaigns

Giving a visibility boost to other indie developers running their Kickstarter campaign is always a pleasure but this time it's even more special because the game is made on Clickteam Fusion, the engine we used for our previous game: Dark Devotion.

The game is named Lone Fungus, it looks very dynamic and has its unique touch. Also, it is made by a solo developer! He is close to reaching his funding goal and needs some additional support, check his game below:

See you very soon for the Astral Ascent demo update!

- The Hibernian Workshop Team

Announcing Voice Over Stretch Goal (English & Japanese) ⭐
over 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 11:30:58 PM

Emi Evans Collaboration Stretch Goal Validated ✔️

Stretch goal confirmed thanks to your support: 

We will have a collaboration of our great music composer Dale North with Emi Evans for our final boss music: this is going to be such an intense moment!

Voice Over Stretch Goal (english & japanese)

This stretch goal is incredible! Our partner Maple Whispering Limited who will distribute and promote the game in Asia offered us to make a Japanese voice-over for the game (Japanese version of our Reveal trailer).

We thought it would be absolutely awesome to also have English voice-over for every dialogs of NPCs / Characters & Zodiacs by professional actors. With your support we know that we can unlock this stretch goal! 

Here is a placeholder preview of what it could be like ingame:

New boss fight

As you probably understood, Capricorn is joining Taurus as bosses you can fight in our big demo update in just a few days

His fight is completely different from Taurus fight, we think it is so nice for us to show you the different boss approaches we can have in the game.

Keep spreading the word about the game, it has a real impact!

- The Hibernian Workshop Team

200% reached + Working on a big surprise for you! ⭐
over 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 03:31:13 AM

First of all, tomorrow we will reveal more pictures of Ayla Exclusive figure, it is looking amazing so far, we cannot wait to share the progress made with you!

We also want to take time to thank all of you for your thrust: reaching 200% is huge!

Astral Ascent is going to compete with big names of the rogue-lites and you are making this possible ⭐

Working on a big update

Thanking you with words is nice but thanking you with a demo update is even better, it will include:

  • Various debugs (enemies in walls for example)
  • Performance optimizations
  • Vertical attacks (requested by community on our discord server)

Also... it may be possible that we have one big surprise in this update that we will reveal soon, update will go live next week

"It should be a crime for a game to be this well animated"

SplatterCat absoluely loved the game don't hesitate to check his video below:

The middle of the campaign is always pretty slow and it is normal, but do not hesitate to share with your friends or ask your favorite content makers to try the demo, it can make a real difference, we are counting on you!

Next Zodiac is...

You voted for him on Discord, the next Zodiac we will be revealing is... Gemini ♊! Our artwork artist Gaël (who also does the backgrounds of the game) started to work on it, first sketches are very promising!

Highlight other Kickstarter Projects

Today we want to highlight Down Ward, this is a game with an unique visual identity and an intriguing gameplay, it comes with a demo to play on Steam (link in the Kickstarter) if you want to try it out. Oh and we forgot to mention, this is done by a solo indie developer: amazing!

Join Gable, a little owl, as she ventures into the haunted wilds. A flight-based pixel art platformer.
How could you resist this adorable face?

- The Hibernian Workshop Team